The Beautification Ministry’s focus is to ensure God’s house is beautifully decorated as the season dictates.   We also ensure that the interior of the church is inviting and worshipful for members, visitors and guests.  The purpose of the Beautification Ministry is to create an elegant place to worship.
Our vision is to create a more inviting atmosphere and to enhance the worship experience of our church.

Come join us in beautifying God’s house.  Any individual member our church is invited to join the Beautification Minaistry.  Members should desire to make the house of God an appealing place to worship and serve the Lord by volunteering their time and talents.  Members should commit to:

  • Upholding the serenity of Holiness in our sanctuary / worship space and its surrounding grounds;
  • Giving of the fruit of our hands to the work of the church for the glory of God;
  • Sharing our time, knowledge and talents to prepare other willing hands and gate keepers by enhancing their creative abilities;
  • Intensifying the religious growth of our church family in Christ through our commitment to creativity, enthusiasm, leadership, joy and peace.

The Beautification Ministry also works with other ministries in maintaining the decor of the church.  We also ensure that arrangements are provided to families during times of bereavement, hospitalization or any other time our services are needed.  Volunteers are welcome to schedule a time to assist in maintaining the pulpit, picking up or straightening up the pews, vestibule, tables, etc. 

For additional information about this ministry, upcoming events, or if you would like to be involved, please contact us by clicking here.
Ida Russell | Email
Church Beautification Ministry Leader